Why SP Ground Mats?

We all know how much plastic waste is in our oceans. We all know about CO2 emissions and global warming.

Each SP ground mat safely and sustainably removes 50kg of waste plastic and a subsequent 125kg of CO2 emission damage.  This new and unique silicopolymer process which targets the deadly plastic bag and film LDPE waste was 4 years in development and our first factory opened last year, and now is safely removing over 85,000kg/month of plastic waste with a subsequent annual of CO2 emission saving of 2,255,000kg from the planet.







Special price! 

£51 (ex. VAT, local shipping) 

We GUARANTEE the best pricing on the market for a similarly specified mats.

Mats being used at an elementary school during renovations

How can recycled ground mats help? 

Easy deployment and storage  - SP Ground Mats can be lifted into place by just 2 people and are also easy to stack when not in use.

More environmentally friendly - with no heavy lifting equipment required, companies can cut their carbon emissions.

Designed to last – Plastic mats last much longer than wooden or steel mats.


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