Sovereign Plastics Ltd is a UK based marketing and supply company championing and supporting environmentally friendly technologies, in this case ground protection mats made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic film waste.

Plastic was invented in the early 1900’s and ever since we have been developing and using plastics for more and more consumer products, unfortunately only recently realising the catastrophic environmental impact from the waste it had produced. Some of the plastic waste material can be easily recycled saving thousands of tons of potential CO2 emmissions but the largest percentage LDPE film plastic (plastic bags) has caused great difficulty and the majority is still buried or burned. Sovereign Plastics Ltd is now supporting by marketing and supplying a new technology called silicopolymer. The technology is recycling and manufacturing reuseable products made from 100% LPDE waste plastic film. Transportation pallets, ground protection mats, manhole covers, railway sleepers are some examples of the eco-friendly products that are available from this material and Sovereign Plastics Ltd is the first UK company supplying these products.

The material and products are all manufacture to applicable ISO standards and have a guaranteed service longivity at a most cost effective price.

Sovereign Plastics Ltd will continue to put great effort in its core environmental friendly principles. Highlighting the minimum use of fossil fuels, reduction of waste plastic thrown to the environment, deforestation and hence reducing CO2 emission