SP Mats and Megamats are the new generation of environmentally friendly and economically advantageous boards which is made from Silicopolymer that combines the functional advantages of steel and other plastic boards.

– There is no risk of theft as in steel boards.

– Resistant to water, petroleum and all kinds of chemicals, does not rot and rust.

– Lighter than steel boards thus unlike like steel boards which require crane SP Mats can be manually unloaded from trucks and laid in ground.

– Price level is very low compared to steel or other plastic boards and can be produced in any desired logo and text.

– SP Mats and Megamats are more durable, indestructible, resistant against impact and long life compared to steel or other plastic which is a very important factor in construction and agricultural areas where a lot of building machinery are working. Resistant to all kinds of load shocks and as it has high modulus of elasticity does not break easily.


– Coverings for Construction sites, Agricultural lands, Warehouse floorings and Stadiums / Arenas floorings during events.

– Temporary Roads and Pavements.

– Field camp Groundsheets.

– Modular Helipads.

– Oil Rig Mats.


–SP Pallets are more durable, resistant against impact and long life compared to wooden pallets, with higher tonnage capacity.

–By using SP Pallets users will eliminate the risk of pallet price variations as the prices of wood and hence wooden pallets are continuously increasing because of the ban to cutting trees due to environmental concerns.


–The regular chemical and temperature treatment (ISPM 15) requirements for export procedures for wooden pallets are not required for SP Pallet. This advantage will eliminate unnecessary paperwork and bureaucratic processes associated with fumigation or heat treatment hence saves money, time and labour.


–Many Countries are planning to prohibit the import of goods on wooden pallets in the future due to Phytosanitary Safety (ISPM15 fails in Practice) and Environmental concerns. By using SP Pallets from today users will be ready for such situations and eliminate such sales risks.


–SP Pallets are resistant to water, detergent and other chemical fluids. It is moisture and climate proof. 


–SP Pallets can be power washed or steam cleaned. SP Pallet does not require additional maintenance, repair and cleanin expenses.


–SP Pallet‘ s physical characteristics are suitable for external conditions. The pigmentation is inherent to its chemical composition, therefore does not fade.


–SP Pallet does not absorb water as wooden pallets and can be stored outside areas without occupying expensive indoor space.


–As there are no nails in the SP Pallets, there is no risk of damaging the product packaging which sometimes even leads to stopping the whole production line.